Benefits of Using Flatbed Tow Trucks in Franklin, TN; Damage Free, Safer & Faster Towing

Towing any vehicle the traditional way runs the risk of having the car being towed run over debris, leave scratches, nicks off the paint, wheel damage and other related damage. To make transportation easy, flatbed trucks are ideal for towing your vehicle. The flatbed towing is where your vehicle is completely resting on top of a platform truck bed, securely strapped down and transported to its destination. Today we at A-Plus Towing Recovery would like to list the benefits of flatbed towing.

Benefits of Flatbed Towing

1) Flatbed Towing Safety. Flatbed towing services is one of the top safest methods of towing a vehicle. Experienced tow drivers undergo training, defensive driving course, and ongoing education to ensure all safety protocols are met. With safe, reliable, and fully equipped flatbed tow trucks; there is no potential damage or risk of harm while your automobile is being towed. By eliminating the swaying vehicles with other traditional towing methods, obstacles in the road, other vehicles, and pedestrians in proximity are not concern. Flatbed towing has the automobile sitting firmly on the surface and is efficiently strapped down to the flatbed platform. Flatbed towing preserves your vehicle from enduring further damage by being on top of the platform as opposed to be dragged, not only keeping the bystanders safe, but your vehicle as well. The need for a hook, cable, or chain attached to the bumper, the vehicle being towed which has the potential of enduring additional damage to the bumper or under carriage, is avoided with a flatbed tow.
2) Flatbed Tow Truck Versatility. Automobiles of any kind including; customized, antique, vintage and classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, water automobiles, can be towed safely with the use of a flatbed truck tow. Whether the vehicle is in knots, has mechanical or electrical failure, or is in top notch condition the flatbed tow can assist the motorist. If you are trying to transport a vehicle to a destination to avoid putting on the miles, a flatbed tow is optimal.
3) Flatbed Towing Saves Time. Loading a vehicle on the flatbed tow truck is quick and efficient; featuring a winch to safely load up a disabled vehicle onto the platform, the flatbed is still a better option if time is a factor. Drivable cars are driven on to the platform to expedite the process. As previously mentioned, after the car is loaded onto the platform, the automobiles are then strapped in with a simplistic, but durable strapping system. The flatbed towing option saves everyone involved time and hassle.

Flatbed Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Brentwood, Spring Hill & Greater Franklin, TN

At A-Plus Towing Recovery, we know that when you are in need of a flatbed tow, chances are you are experiencing a stressful situation. With our prompt arrival, our experienced, trained, and skilled specialist will carefully retrieve your vehicle and happily transport it wherever it needs to go. A-Plus Towing Recovery friendly customer service and efficient towing services will help ease the burdens. If you are in need of a flatbed tow in the Greater Franklin, Tennessee area, contact A-Plus Towing Recovery and let our experts do the rest.

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