Moving a Shipping Container in Brentwood, TN; Flatbed Towing, Transport & Relocation of Conex Storage Boxes

The versatile Conex box or shipping container. This shipping container is used anything from storage to construction offices and even homes. The all steel 53, 40, 20 and 10-foot length lend themselves to many applications.

How to Move a Shipping Container with a Flatbed Tow Truck

Shipping containers are used as construction offices, guard shacks, medical facilities, temporary classrooms and many other applications. But the primary use is as a storage container. They are seen on farms and ranches as tack sheds, grain and equipment storage, and some have turned them into workshops. If the operation is moved, so is the shed. What makes them so versatile is their construction. Heavy gauge structural frame at each end and top and bottom. The walls are corrugated heavy duty steel sheets. Strong and able to be modified to your use. Add a wall AC & Heater unit with windows and some flooring you have an office building. Use as is for storage and a 10-footer can be modified to be an excellent guard house. The military even used them as mobile medical units. Containers can be stacked for a two-story building and increasingly are used for homes. But when these humble but versatile units need to be moved, what do you do? Well surprisingly the answer can be the flatbed tow truck. A flat bed tow truck is a close analog to the dedicated Conex truck.

Conex Storage Containers are Mobile Boxes that Can Be Transported

A lot of professional movers use Conex containers. They drop them off, you load them up and they come and get it. They then drive to the new home location and drop the box at the new location and you move in. The boxes are designed to carry goods across the ocean, so they are sturdy and can defy the elements. These being the same traits you would want in a shop, storage or shelters. They are painted in primer coats and paint that is highly resistant to the weather. What’s nice is you can paint them any color you chose.

Flatbed Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Brentwood, Spring Hill & Greater Franklin, TN

You can buy and put in a container cheaper than you by a shed, and it will last longer than most wooden structures. These boxes are made so that they are semi-disposable. We as a country have more products coming in than what we ship out. So, the Conex boxes are surplus and sold as such. There are companies that rent them out or you can buy them. The shipping container makes a great tool shed for construction sites. They are easily secured and difficult to break in making them a great onsite equipment and tool storage solution. Storage, office or the 10 footers are just the right size for a guard shack for housing division, military or construction site security. They have even been converted to indoor pistol ranges. The applications are nearly endless. Crafton Towing & Recovery | A-Plus Towing & Recovery LLC has the expertise and the equipment to move your shipping containers and storage sheds. If your new location is accessible, we can get your container to its new location. Need to move your conex box? Call us today.

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